Fenway Park says YES

May 8, 2016Massachusetts, News No Comments

We are thrilled to announce that Fenway Park has invited us to fly our flags in this historic American iconic landmark.  Boston is shaping up to be a great stop.  This wonderful city is so rich with history of our founding.  So many patriots put their lives on the line for personal liberty.  With no clear … Read More

Independence Hall says – YES

April 26, 2016News, Pennsylvania 2 Comments

In this modest room, in what is known as Independence Hall, 56 men of means, with much to lose, signed their names to the most precious document of our founding, the Declaration of Independence. They had no view or assurance of the future, the outcome, or their fate. Many went on to sacrifice heavily. 5 … Read More

Ft. McHenry says yes!

February 20, 2016News 3 Comments

Paul Plamann, Park Ranger for Fort McHenry National Monument & Historical Shrine has just given permission for us to fly our flags over Ft. McHenry on a replica flagstaff on the site where the 15 Star-Spangled Banner was flying in September 1814 during a British attack on Fort McHenry that inspired Francis Scott Key to … Read More

Generous Flag Donation

February 19, 2016News No Comments

We are thrilled to announce that Annin Flag Makers have donated all our honor flags for the trip. This is a great blessing to us. My good friend and old KC-135 pilot, Ike Stokes, spent a lot of personal time working with them to secured this generous donation. We are so grateful.

First Folds

February 7, 2016News No Comments

While shooting some promo footage at the Lincoln Memorial we invited this young lady to fold our flag with us. I didn’t get her name but she told us that she was a flight attendant and just landed at Reagan National. Her and her friend were spending some layover hours visiting the sites. We explained … Read More

Flags over Boston

February 7, 2016Massachusetts, News 1 Comment

We will be visiting the USS Constitution on August 8th as we pass through Boston.   The USS Constitution is currently in dry dock having some preservation work done on her. We have been given a green light to  honor our flags aboard this wonderful historical landmark