Army Specialist Max S. Poyer is a disabled veteran who served our country as a member of the

Army Reserve for just over 13 years. He was deployed to Afghanistan in 2007, six weeks after

his daughter was born. When he returned a year later, something was very, very wrong. Spc.

Poyer was admitted to Walter Reed Medical Center, in Maryland, where he was diagnosed with

severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). He was retired in 2010 due to his injuries. Later,

he began to experience cognitive delays, word recall problems and severe memory loss. After

further evaluation, Specialist Poyer was diagnosed and began receiving treatment for Traumatic

Brain Injury because of exposure to multiple close-proximity blasts while he was in combat.

Following his seventh long-term hospitalization, Spc. Poyer is back home in Deleware with his

family where he is making progress in his recovery. Specialist Poyer’s daughter is a Folds of

Honor Children’s Fund Scholarship recipient.

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